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Imagine your favorite vacation, the one where you find yourself wandering and exploring a city, taking in all that your senses can capture from the sights, smells, and sounds surrounding you, your appetite begins to build and you find that restaurant with a warm glow tucked into an inconspicuous corner..."that little spot". You sit down and enjoy a meal, simple food, delicious flavors, and friendly faces ~ a truly unforgettable and memorable experience. 

Antonio Pirone, Franco Filice & Michele D’Alessandro have captured that feeling with Posticino Ristorante. Meaning “little spot” in Italian, Positicino opened its doors in June 1999 inviting the neighborhood to experience Italian cuisine in a special way. 

Combining classic Italian dishes with a modern twist; created with only the finest ingredients, Posticino transpires the inspiration of Italian culture into food.

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Serving authentic Italian cuisine with a passion and love for traditional recipes since 1999.


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